Our Hearts, Our Minds, and Our Doors are always open!
Hamburg United Methodist Church
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
Our Hearts, our Minds, and our Doors are always open!

United Methodist Youth

The Hamburg United Methodist Youth have a busy schedule for the coming year.  And we need your help.  Please fill out our volunteer form and let's give the  youth a year to remember!  Please click here download a copy of our calendar.  All planned events are listed.  Times and places may change.  We will continue to update the calendar throughout the year.    

Meetings are on Sundays from 12:15 - 1:30, If you select to attend a meeting please tell us what date(s)
Phone:      Email: 
What are you willing to do for the event (you may pick more than one):
Plan Event     Provide Transportation    Chaperone/Attend
If you have any questions concerning our Youth Program please email Karen Jackson
karenmj98@verizon.net  or Lisa Slack brian.lisa.slack@hotmail.com
 if you would like to submit an update please contact Bob at voiceover@roadrunner.com