Our Hearts, Our Minds, and Our Doors are always open!
Hamburg United Methodist Church
Thursday, September 03, 2015
Our Hearts, our Minds, and our Doors are always open!


 Hamburg United Methodist Church hosts many events throughout the year.  Check back for information about our  Famous Spaghetti Dinners, Fish Fries, Holiday Bazaar and many more 


HUMC will again host Stone Soup and the Hanging of the Green's.

'Stone Soup' is an old folk story in which hungry strangers persuade local people of a town to give them food. It is usually told as a lesson in cooperation, especially amid scarcity. In varying traditions, the stone has been replaced with other common inedible objects, and therefore the fable is also known as button soup, wood soup, nail soup, and axe soup.

Hanging greenery is traditionally associated with everlasting life. Greens such as cedar for royalty, fir and pine boughs for everlasting life, holly symbolizing Jesus' death and ivy representing the resurrection are used. At Hamburg UMC, we have traditionally held a 'stone soup' luncheon after a collective decorating event of the church and sanctuary for the upcoming Advent Celebrations which begin Sunday, November 30 this year. 

On Saturday November 29, 2014; you are invited to decorate the halls of HUMC beginning at 9:00 a.m. Participants are asked to bring a bag or 1-2 cans of frozen vegetables as their contribution to the stone soup. The first communal celebration of the birth of Christ for 2014 will be topped off with a delicious stone soup luncheon in the Fireplace room around 12:00 pm.

John 13:34

I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.